Softlogic Capital PLC (SCAP) was incorporated as Capital Reach Holdings Limited in April 2005 as an Investment Holding Company. Subsequently, in August 2010, Softlogic Holdings PLC acquired SCAP under its objective to form a fully-fledged finance arm to the greater Softlogic Group. SCAP is the financial services sector holding company of the Softlogic Group.

Softlogic Capital’s portfolio of financial services comprises of Softlogic Finance PLC, a Licensed Finance Company (LFC) under the purview of Central Bank of Sri Lanka; Softlogic Life Insurance PLC, an insurance company licensed for Life insurance by the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka; and Softlogic Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd, a stock broking company licensed and operating on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

SCAP is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka as a Market Intermediary under the Investment Manager category.